About Saira

Researcher, Writer, Teacher, Record Keeper and Way-Shower

We all came here for something, and that something wasn’t just to do a job, become an employee, pay taxes and die….

Finding out what that something is has been one of the guiding passions of my life as I have dug ever deeper into understanding the many things that have never made sense to me that I have been taught.

A natural researcher and sponge for the many and varied streams of knowledge that have taken my attention over the last 30 years, I have gradually been able to build an insight into the hidden realities of our modern world, our true origins and purpose and a life-altering understanding of what is playing out around us at this current time.

It is quite epic – and I resisted it for quite some time.

But as Sherlock Holmes, that great detective says

‘When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable,
must be the truth.’

We are more, much more, than we have been told we are.  Uncovering what that means for us each individually is our real work here on Planet Earth. 

Finding my research again and again led in a certain direction I reluctantly began to explore what this meant – and opened a treasure chest of wisdom, both ancient and modern, that stunned me.  It also awoke within me my own inner gnosis, and ever-expanding levels of connection into the many mysteries and histories which up until then had been hidden from me.

Bloodlines, galactic families, ancient wisdom streams, spiritual wars, spiritual sciences, lost teachings – the cornucopia just kept coming.

It has taken me years to sort through and integrate all of this, and still it keeps coming, and will continue to do so as the cosmic energies enabling our access to our stolen heritage stream onto the planet.

My task now is to begin to share all this with you, to take you on the same journey I have been on so you too can begin to help others.  Some will share a similar purpose to myself, opening up the histories, bringing back base concepts and foundational understandings, making this wisdom accessible to those who are ready for it.

Others will begin to realise they have a different role to play in the unfolding dramas and set their own trajectory from this foundation.

We all come into this life with a purpose

We all have unique gifts and talents designed to support this purpose

We all carry within us a spark of the Divine Essence, guiding us forwards.

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