Guardian Mentorship

Becoming A Guardian

We all have different roles to play. As you evolve into a Guardian presence what does this mean for you?   Is it:

Taking on responsibility for balancing and healing land energies in your area.

Becoming an earth energy/Gridworker.

Becoming a Nature advocate.

Working to bring beauty into urban areas.

Becoming an advocate for the dispossessed.

Becoming an animal guardian.

Reconnecting the young to their energetic heritage.

Bringing through new healing modalities.

Or some other path unique to your gifts and abilities?

Becoming a Guardian is not for the fainthearted.  Do you have what it takes?

Guardian Mentorship

You are on a journey of profound discovery and transformation, and everyone’s journey is unique. Working one-to-one with personalized help to identify blocks and resistance, new areas of movement or expansion or gain clarity on the route ahead can substantially accelerate your progress.

The key to this is a tailored approach to suit your personal circumstances and gain access to additional levels of information and techniques.

It is a sure way to fast-track your progress.

Through the Guardian Mentorship programme, not only will you have access to all of my other sessions, resources and pathways – the Grail Wisdom Journey, Life Alchemy Pathway, Lost Wisdom Library, and your Starseed Report – we will have an exclusive session each month taking as much time as is needed to work through or clarify any area you wish to work with.

More about Guardian Mentorship

This will be your chance to talk over and gain insight into any issues, difficulties or areas you may wish to address or dive deeper into a topic you want to explore further, and map out your personal route forwards.  I can provide you with additional resources if appropriate or direct you where it would be most useful for you personally.

Due to time constraints places on this programme are very limited, and this more intensive approach is not for everyone, but if you feel motivated to work closer with me month-by-month, developing in your own unique way and in alignment with your own unique gifts and talents, I would love to work with you.

It may be challenging at times, but it is extremely worthwhile and rewarding, and will inspire you to be the best version of yourself that you are capable of.

I can guarantee you will see and understand both yourself and the world in a different way.

Members of this programme also have the option to book further time with me if required. When the allocated places are taken, please ask to be put on the reserve list and I will contact you as spaces become available.

I look forward to working more closely with you!

Work one-to-one with Saira when you join the Guardian Mentorship programme

Also includes full access to the Lost Wisdom Library, your Starseed Origin Report, and all of the resources and sessions included in the Grail Wisdom Journey and Life Alchemy Pathway.


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