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About The Lost Wisdom Library

For over 30 years I have been researching and studying esoteric wisdom, ancient wisdom teachings, spirituality, ancient history, humanity’s origins, mythology and transformational teachings.

As part of my research, I have interviewed many wonderful and amazing wisdom keepers of both ancient and modern metaphysical knowledge around the world.

And as I research and find new knowledge and new understandings I am continuously adding to this body of work.

For the first time I am giving you access to all of my research and writings, both that already published, and ongoing new research as I add it to the Library.

Within the Lost Wisdom Library you will find videos, fact sheets and articles, plus many longer written papers and reports covering a wide variety of topics from holistic health and physical well being, to expanding consciousness, cosmic histories and metaphysical anatomy.

A taste of what lies within the Lost Wisdom Library

Lost Wisdom Teachings

Metaphysical techniques

Anything from Entering a Sacred Site to a Simple Fire Ceremony.

Cosmic Lineages and History

Who are the Oraphim? The Azurites? Who are the Founder races? What is our galactic history? Why is the Cradle of Lyra important? Who are the Fallen races?

Earth Energies and Templar Mechanics

Covering consciousness grids, intruder grids, stargates, crystal caverns, and more, on the Templar complex.

Energetic Anatomy and DNA

Our DNA and that of other races, understanding the complexity of our energetic anatomy and lightbody, and how to work with it.

Earth History

What happened to Lemuria? Atlantis? Who are the Christos races? What happened to the stargate at Giza? Were the Sumeria gods really aliens? There is so much to discover!

Esoteric Law

Learn about the Great Cycles of Time and Space, the Three Primal Forces, the Law of One, and other metaphysical topics.

Mystery Traditions

What are the Mysteries? What is Initiation? What is the Alchemy of  Self? And so much more!

Health and Well-Being

General Health & Information

From learning how each body system functions and what it needs to remain balanced, to the importance of detoxing, different blood group diets, how to deal with food cravings, heavy metal removal and so much more.

Named Health Issues

A holistic guide to how to help manage a wide range of specific named health issues.

Nutrient Information

Increase your understanding of what important nutrients and food families have to offer us, as well as the dangers of Franken Foods, GMOs and more.


Learn more about a wide range of foods including which stand out head-and-shoulder above the rest to help move your health to a whole new level.

Healing Herbs

Learn everything you need to know about individual herbs, and how to use herbs therapeutically.


How do they help, what can they do, and what are the different ranges?

Essential Oils

Detailed information to help you make good therapeutic uses of the many oils available to us.

Also includes bonus access to the full Telesummit series!

The Telesummit series includes hours of video interviews with some of the leading wisdom keepers and teachers in the world today – Rory Duff, Patrick MacManaway, Pam Montgomery, Adam Apollo, Peter Dawkins and many, many more.

There is a whole cosmos of learning and re-learning ahead of you. Are you ready for the knowledge you seek?

Enter the Lost Wisdom Library now for both the answers … and the questions.

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