Life Alchemy

Know Thyself

The beating heart of the Grail teachings is Life Alchemy, the transformation of Self.

Those who choose to explore Life Alchemy are going to be prepared to dive deeper into the physical and spiritual transformative process that moves us into the realms of the Guardian Grailkeeper, into the gold of the higher levels of the lightbody.

There is a process to accessing these levels that was once taught as the Science of Ascension, or Ascension Mechanics.

Life Alchemy will open up that knowledge to you, and asks you to commit to a process that will change you, change the way you see the world, and change the way you understand Life and your part to play within it.

Life Alchemy is focused on you – your Self – your journey to a higher level of consciousness and greater physical wellbeing. 

“Anything potentially life-altering is not for the faint-hearted, but it is gloriously rewarding!”

The Life Alchemy Pathway

Work with Saira directly when you join the Life Alchemy Pathway.

You will have access to the Grail Wisdom level of member ship but in addition we will be spiralling in to work at a more personal level to enable you to more directly this knowledge to yourself and your circumstances. 

You also get FREE access to the Lost Wisdom Library, and a FREE Starseed Origin Report, so you can work with awareness of your galactic heritage.

Life Alchemy will help you:

Find your way to your true inner knowing or gnosis

Come to a much fuller level of self-understanding and self-knowledge.

Develop the qualities required to be an Earth Guardian

Begin to understand what is required to evolve and expand your lightbody into the multidimensional being that you can become

Understand Ascension Mechanics and what this means for you

Learn and implement transformation practices

Develop the skills to become a cosmic shaman or Walker between Worlds

What we will cover

1. Know Yourself

An examination of both the personal and collective belief systems we have, and the how our personal values and spiritual orientation are influenced by these, often unconsciously.

To become a Spiritual Warrior requires a backbone of forged steel, and an unflinching will and insight into not just ourselves, but the societal structures we contribute to, as well as a clear set of values.

Beliefs around healthcare, government, religion, media, military, status and hierarchy,  materialism, academia, finance etc.

Your understanding – and willingness to confront – the ‘hidden’ underbelly of our societies – Deep State, MIC, sexual exploitation, human trafficking, satanic and other anti-human practices, media manipulation and mind control etc.

Your attitude toward outward authority and where you leach your own sovereignty.

Your 3D ego attachments and what it means to let these go.

Your sense of reverence towards ALL beings and support for freedom and individual expression for all.

The changes we collectively and  individually have to make, to align with and support the transition to a new paradigm – and your role within this.

Incongruent behaviours.

2. Ascension Mechanics

There is a ‘science’ to the process of ascension, basic knowledge of which helps us begin to embody the processes required.

Understanding multi-dimensionality and the evolution of ascension.

Knowledge of the many layers of our energetic anatomies from the morphogenetic templates to the manifestation of the physical body.

Our DNA and how to re-activate its various strands and fire letters.

Transformational processes and techniques to support the expansion of our lightbody to hold higher frequencies.

Interaction with the consciousness grids, dimensional portals etc.

Understanding the fast-changing energetic landscapes on this planet right now and how to ‘surf’ them.

3. Becoming A Guardian

We all have different roles to play. As you evolve into a Guardian presence what does this mean for you?

Taking on responsibility for balancing and healing land energies in your area.

Becoming an earth energy/Gridworker.

Becoming a Nature advocate.

Working to bring beauty into urban areas.

Becoming an advocate for the dispossessed.

Becoming an animal guardian.

Reconnecting the young to their energetic heritage.

Bringing through new healing modalities.

Become what you were meant to be when you join the life-altering Life Alchemy Pathway.

Also includes membership of Grail Wisdom, full access to the Lost Wisdom Library and your Starseed Origin Report.


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