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Awakening Your Grail Wisdom – Returning to Wholeness and Divine Connection

What is Grail Wisdom?

The Grail stands as a metaphor for all that is sacred and divine, and is embodied in each one of us, often neglected and unacknowledged. We are part of the vast interconnected web of energy that links everything and the ability to connect and access this is part of the magic of being human.

Yet so many of us have forgotten how…… We have been living lives of quiet desperation, lost in the proverbial wasteland and finally it is time for us to reclaim the mystery and magic of the Grail within, so our disconnected societies and unhealthy, unhappy bodies can begin to flourish once more and come back into the abundance and energetic connection from which they fell.

Grail Wisdom is our key to this, and it begins here, with understanding what this means and taking the first steps to weave ourselves back into connection with the Whole.

As we start to unlock the mystery, and understand the ebbs and flows that surround us, we begin to understand and engage with life in a very different way.

The journey starts here…..take the first steps to revitalizing and re-energizing your life, and opening once more to the full potential of the wonders of being human.

Available in both book and Kindle version.

The Divine Human – Starseeds, Soul Frequencies & Humanity’s Hidden Origins

Starseeds bring much needed knowledge, insight  and new understandings to the unfolding evolutionary drama on our planet today.

What is a Starseed and how can they help us? Are you an incarnated Starseed and what does that mean?  What is the heritage and history that has been deliberately hidden from Earth humans for many millennia?

If you suspect there is more to being human than you have been told, this book is for you.  As an immortal soul, part of a Divine cosmic family, you have incarnated on Earth for a reason and more and more Starseeds are waking up and remembering their origin and purpose and helping others do the same.

Why?…and are you one of them?

The information contained in these pages will forever change your understanding of who you are and why you are here, empowering you to become part of the great movement of change and awakening that is taking place.

Available in both book and Kindle version.

Your Inner Goddesses – A Guide to Archetypal Feminine Energies

To be a woman is to have many facets.

Understanding and polishing each of these so we can shine bright is a life’s work, but we have many tales of the classical goddesses to help us with our understanding.  The archetypal characteristics of each goddess are as alive and relevant today as they were to our ancestors.

They represent powerful aspects of the feminine nature and by understanding them we come to understand ourselves.  They validate who we are and their stories can offer us strategies as to how to cope with the many challenges life throws up.

Affirming, profound and great fun to work with Your Inner Goddesses will give you many insights and understandings as to who you are and how to be the best version of yourself.

Includes a simple quiz to find your own Goddess Profile.

Available in both book and Kindle version.

Complete Chakras – An Introduction to Your Chakras

A working knowledge of our Chakra system is essential for anyone wanting to understand more fully the many mysteries of being human.

Chakras are gateways between our physical body and our energetic connections to the fields of interdimensional, universal energy that surround and interpenetrate our reality.  Complete Chakras is a comprehensive guide to these ‘spinning wheels of light’ and how to work with them to improve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and evolution.

Information on each chakra includes understanding of its functions, causes of imbalances, how to work to resolve issues, its part in manifesting the life you desire, physical exercises to strengthen and much more.

A must-have, easy-to access reference book for the time ahead.

Available as book only. The format does not lend itself to Kindle.

Pathways to Consciousness

The Pathways to Consciousness series of booklets seeks to explore and outline a set of basic principles and concepts any aspiring spiritual seeker, metaphysician or knowledge seeker requires as a foundational base of knowledge to their studies.

The Wheel of Life – Geometry of Time and Space

The Wheel of Life is an ancient symbol used in many traditions, sometimes called a medicine wheel or mandala.  It represents the great cycles of time and space with which we are all intimately connected in material 3D reality.

Within the Wheel we find all the cycles and rhythms that govern life, from grand cosmic cycles to the simplest thought and deed.

Found in every culture around the world this primary form has been worked with from time immemorial and is known by many names, and seen from the smallest atom of physical matter to the great wheeling galaxies of the universe.

It demonstrates how we integrate time and space, process and form, spirit and matter.  Learning to recognise and understand this energetic archetype in its many manifestations in the world, as well as within the context of your own life gives an important underpinning to any spiritual, metaphysical or esoteric work, and is symbolically both powerful and protective.

Both simple and profound it connects us back to our nature and the intrinsic patterns that underlie the cosmos.

Available in both book and Kindle version.

The Universal Laws – Governing Principles of the Universe

Everything in the Universe is energy, frequency and vibration.  Living in harmony with the flow of the cosmic energies which surround us enables us to access the higher potentials of our being.

There are a series of Universal Laws, also known as the Natural Laws, which are ancient, innate, universal truths describing the underlying governing metaphysical principles of the cosmos.

Energy comes before matter, and whilst the Laws of Physics inform the material world, the Universal Laws relate to the world of energy, sound and vibration.  Understanding how the Cosmos is structured and works ensures we can work in flow rather than resistance with the energetic currents that surround us.

Available in both book and Kindle version.

The Elements & Elemental Energy – Building Blocks of Creation

The building blocks of creation, these are the great universal, metaphysical forces which form an ancient system of relationships and transformation that sits at the foundation of our universe, as well as the basis of a system of correspondences which enables us to go ever deeper into our understanding of the natural world, and that of the elemental spirits who work tirelessly to maintain balance within it...

Not just physical manifestations of the elemental powers, they:

– Are forces and energies which make up the Universe and everything in it

– Are philosophical concepts, states of energy and spiritual essences

– Exist in every dimension of consciousness

– In the subtle relationships between all levels of Creation

– In everything – plants, animals, minerals, humans

– Are woven into every atom, every molecule, every nanoparticle, every quantum aspect

All of the manifest world contains the four elemental energies and understanding of what they are and how to work with them is essential knowledge on the path to attaining mastery of the physical world.

Available in both book and Kindle version.

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