Work With Saira  

Membership of the Grail Wisdom is where we begin to learn more about our lost and hidden history, our galactic lineages, our forgotten heritage and keep up-to-date with the unfolding energies and how we can respond.

Access to the Lost Wisdom Library is FREE with this membership.

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This level of membership gives access to the Grail Wisdom and Lost Wisdom Library but develops this knowledge and understanding at a more personal level of growth and expansion.

The personal transformative process of Life Alchemy is for the more dedicated seeker wanting to step more fully into the ascension energies and the process of becoming a Guardian.

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Work one-to-one with Saira as you explore more fully what becoming a Guardian means for you personally.

Membership of the Lost Wisdom Library, Grail Wisdom and  Life Alchemy is included.

Places on this mentorship programme are limited.

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