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What is the Grail?

It is the fabled cup that holds us, holds our essence…

It is a feeling of being nurtured, supported, held and safe…

It is being made Whole.

The symbol of the Grail is also a profound analogy for so much that is lacking from modern life

  • a sense of the sacred in everyday life the wounding to our planet and our psyche by materialism and the nihilism of science
  • the increasing challenges to the health of our physical bodies
  • the loss of the Divine Feminine from the Western psyche
  • our connection to nature and natural rhythms.

The Grail beckons us back towards completeness and reconnection to our inner essence as it speaks clearly to the modern wasteland of sickness, disconnection from self and Nature.

It is also a story deeply rooted in the old Celtic lands, and the importance of balancing the sacred with the every day, the world of energy with the world of matter, and it has the power to open people up to the imaginal world – a world where energy and matter meet.  A world which is our birthright as human beings.

What is Grail Wisdom?

Do you love your life?
Do you feel profoundly connected to the world around you?
Are you sure of your place in Creation?
Do you have a clear sense of purpose?
Do you wake up full of a zest for life and all it has to offer?
Do you feel valued for your uniqueness and your individual gifts?
Do you feel embraced by the land where you live?
Do you trust your inner ‘knowing’ and guidance – whatever it says?

Grail Wisdom brings with it a sense of wholeness and connectedness to the great Web of Life.  You understand the multi-dimensional world in which we live, and know how best to navigate it.  You know who you are and what you have to offer, how to utilise your gifts and talents to your best ability.

In short, Grail Wisdom is a complete understanding of how to live well in the world – mind, body and spirit!

It will give you the tools and the context you need to thrive at every level.

Are You In the Wasteland?

Have you done everything right, everything that was asked of you: You’ve

  • been through the education system
  • got a job
  • paid your taxes
  • done all you were told to be a good citizen
  • You’ve ticked all the boxes

And yet… something is missing, something is wrong, out of kilter

  • Why do you feel so tired and empty?
  • Why does life feel like a treadmill?
  • Why do you feel dissatisfied and disconnected?
  • Why does it feel like your real purpose hasn’t yet begun?
  • You just KNOW there is more…..but what is it?

Welcome to The Wasteland…you’re not alone.

So many today are leading lives of quiet desperation.  Sick, depressed, unhappy, lacking vitality, disconnected, lost, off balance.  They’ve gone to school, got the qualifications, the job, the house, the car and yet…..something is missing, something vital and life-affirming, something that brings joy instead of despair.

We have lost the Grail Wisdom….

And with it has gone all the vitality, colour and joy that is the birthright of every human being…

This was Me…                                                                                                      

I felt like I was half asleep, living life in a bubble, disengaged and detached from life.

Fear stalked every waking moment – fear of being found out, of being inadequate, unlovable,

a failure…….

There was a gaping void inside me, a hole at the centre of my being – And I had no idea how to fill it!

Every day I got up, went to work, came home, saw friends and did chores…

My health was deteriorating with niggle after niggle.

I felt like I was dragging myself through life.  My life force was low….and fading.  Everything felt grey.

I was full of angst.  Full of self-loathing.  Wondering what I was doing here.

Was this all there was to life?
Was this iT????

No, of course not!

Unknown to me, I’d taken a wrong turn somewhere in my bid to be a good citizen, good daughter, good employee, and generally good person.

I’d wandered into the Wasteland – the wasteland of the spirit – that sucked vitality from the body, and colour from the world, leaching meaning and passion and joy from everything around it.

You know when you’ve met someone who has healed the Wasteland:

  • They feel ‘whole’ and centred
  • They are plugged into life, full of passion and purpose
  • Whatever their age, they love life and it is infectious
  • They know themselves and are clearly comfortable with who they are, warts and all Just being around them makes you feel good!
  • They rarely get sick, always have energy and are fully engaged in life!

These people carry a high vibration – and as a consequence make everyone around them feel better!

What is it that they have found? What is their secret?

What do they possess that you don’t?

Because it’s not just luck – they weren’t dealt a better hand of cards than you – in fact, some of them have had terrible experiences, and yet they’ve managed to turn them to gold.

They’ve learnt the art of alchemy! How to turn the dross into gold.

And that is one of the Grail secrets!

In Awakening Your Grail Wisdom you will learn how to lay the foundations to become whole…..

– You will learn to value your uniqueness and shine your light into the world

– You will find a profound connection to the world around you that will open up vistas you can barely imagine now

– You will reclaim your inner ‘knowing’ and learn to trust it for the clear guidance it gives you

– You will re-awaken your love of life, and the joy and magic it brings

– You will discover your relationship to the land and your environment

In Awakening Your Grail Wisdom you will be given access to deep teachings that our ancestors kept hidden for the few who were admitted to the mystery schools.

You will start to discover a whole layer of knowledge and secrets that have been kept from you.

Everybody needs this knowledge, this basic level of understanding as to how the world really is, why you are here and the underlying universal principles that operate.

You’d think it would form part of the core curriculum for schools, but instead, it is side-lined, buried and even ridiculed in order to keep it away from all but the more curious and discriminating of seekers.

Why? Well, conspiracy theories abound….


Which is why I want to offer you the chance to be initiated into the Grail Wisdom….and join the many others on this planet who are waking up and claiming back their birthright.

The Grail Wisdom will teach you what will make a difference at ALL levels in your life – you, the life you lead, your health, your home and this wonderful planet.

You see, when you know how things really work and how to flow with it, small everyday changes can lead to everything changing…for the better.

It flows through every level of life.  Small shifts often bring BIG results.

The world is an abundant place.

It is beautiful

It is full of colour and texture and joy

And knowing how to access this – not the fear and heaviness – is one of the secrets the Grail Wisdom has to offer you.  As you come back to wholeness your light will shine brightly in the world….

You will heal the wasteland – inner and outer – and bring authenticity, alignment and connection back into your life.

It changed my life – And it will do the same for you!

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Welcome to Awakening Your Grail Wisdom Online Course

This is an 8-week course that will activate you in the four planes of Grail Wisdom – that of the inner self, the Earth, your home and the body.

Through the activation of the triskele of Grail Wisdom, guided by the intelligence of your inner self, you will learn how to create a new reality for yourself, one which is infinitely more magical, more joyful, abundant and vital, filled with meaning and purpose.

It will move you out of the heaviness and quiet desperation that is so many people’s current reality, shifting you from the Wasteland and on the path to the wonderful life you are meant to be living.

Awakening the Grail Wisdom of the Inner Self

Grail gnosis is your inner knowing, which comes from a direct connection to the divine spark within You, a spark which can grow into a brilliant light!

This first level of the Grail Wisdom initiates you into acknowledging the Divine and eternal Being you are.  You are here for a purpose and the first stage of the quest is to embrace your uniqueness and understand what it is you have to do to fully walk that path.

Amongst the things we learn are:

  • You are a transceiver – you have the ability to both transmit and receive information from the energetic fields that surround us. What does this mean?
  • Finding a life of passion and purpose – why it isn’t simple, but can be done!
  • Know Yourself – who are you really beneath the conditioning and facades. What gifts and talents have you ‘mislaid’ along the way
  • Awakening your Grail archetype to help you on your quest. Who are the powerful hidden helpers who will help you on your quest?  Is it the Grail Knight…or Maiden…or a Queen…or Sage…or even an otherworldly Well Maiden?

Awakening the Grail Wisdom of Nature

She nourishes us, supports us and generously offers us her resources. Meet the Great Mother, Gaia, wisdom of Nature and learn what she has to teach us about living to your fullest expression of who you are.

We shall explore:

  • Who is Gaia? – the consciousness of Mother Earth as a living Being
  • Learn how to tap into Gaia’s cycles and rhythms to guide your daily life, and help you live less stressfully, and in deeper flow and harmony
  • Learn how to find and ‘tune into’ her energy lines and power points to enhance your connection and open up the pathways to the Otherworld
  • Understand the relationship our ancestors had with the earth and how you can re-establish it to enhance your vitality
  • Greet the invisible helpers of the Otherworld, the mystical realms of faerie, divas and hidden spirits of nature who create the manifested world
  • Understand how the healing powers of Nature can help you in your Grail quest

Awakening the Grail Wisdom of Your Domain

In the British Isles, we have a saying ‘An Englishman’s castle is his home’.  Home is where we care for ourselves and make a safe space.  In this stage of the journey, you will learn how to make your home into a Grail Castle that nourishes and supports you in the highest expression of who you are. We will learn:

  • Is your home and garden a haven, a place of support and safety?  Find out easy steps to enhance your surroundings and create a harmonious space
  • Easy ways to find out if your environment is holding you back or helping you, supporting you or draining your energy
  • Do you have ‘sick house’ syndrome – and what to do about it
  • How to physically organise your space to improve the right ‘flow’ of energy to benefit your work, your relationships, your abundance and much more, using simple feng shui principles
  • How to clear your home of detrimental energies including protecting yourself from emfs, entities, negative energies and basic space clearing.

Awakening the Grail Wisdom of Your Health

Finally, we enter the realm of the physical body temple, the most direct example of the Grail that we carry with us, containing our essence.  The body is the cup that holds your spirit.  Ensuring this cup overflows with health and vitality helps you raise your consciousness and shine your light into the world. We will look at:

  • How physical and energetic anatomy intertwine and profoundly affect each other, your body standing on the boundaries of energy and matter…
  • How your body temple directly affects the world we live in and the level of consciousness we have
  • Understand the uniqueness of each individual – no one size fits all – and learning how to recognise your unique needs
  • Balancing cellular health and how to cleanse to allow your produce energy from light
  • Why your body is an everyday miracle, a finely tuned vehicle for your consciousness – and what you can do to honour this
  • How your body talks to you every moment of every day – and how to listen!

And so much more…

You will:

emerge, initiated into the Grail Wisdom, in awe of your body and the world around you.

see and understand everything differently.  There will be more colour, and taste and texture and beauty in the world you perceive.

deepen your relationship with Nature – its mystical and practical healing benefits

learn how your home and the land you live on can either support or detract from your happiness and well-being

heal your underlying sense of burnout, meaninglessness and dissatisfaction with your Life

reconnect to a field of magic and possibility within you

develop an understanding that honours your home, nature and yourself as sacred sources of wisdom and power in your Life


This is a crash course to get you up to speed with all the things you need to know to THRIVE

To set out on the quest towards the life you want

To understand how to change the things that haven’t been working for you.

You will unlock the Secrets of Grail Wisdom

And life will, happily, never be the same again.

Are you ready to set out on the quest?

Are you ready to learn how to alchemise the dross in your life to gold?

Here is what is included:

  • Awakening Your Grail Wisdom online course
  • 8 weeks of guided teachings
  • Video classes every week – 8 classes total
  • Downloads to build into your own Grail Wisdom Book
  • Further Reading and Resources List
  • Grail Workbook

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Deepen Your Spiritual Journey Through Life with Ancient Grail Teachings…..

The World stands at the edge of a precipice…which way will it go?

At this moment in time the World is calling out for the Grail work, it is calling to people like you to learn a new way of being, a new level of understanding to help create the right future for ALL who inhabit our beautiful planet.

We can’t birth a brighter, better, more aligned world from the paradigm that birthed the problems.

Getting on board with knowing what is happing, understanding the what, the why, the wherefore of what lies beneath the current dysfunction is fast becoming a necessary survival skill.

A divide is opening up between those who are starting to see clearly what is needed, and those who are still sleepwalking to disaster.

We all want to thrive, not be lost in a fog of fear and disinformation, propaganda and conflict, struggle and stress, not knowing what to believe.

Grail wisdom gives you the tools and the context, a complete philosophy, to start to recognise and change your response.

Our leaders have shown they are not to be trusted.

Corporate greed is destroying the world.

It feels like everything is going to hell in a handcart!

Including the lovely life, you want for yourself….

It isn’t, I promise you!

Far from it!

But you HAVE to know how to navigate the changes – and what you were taught at school won’t even begin to cut it!

In fact, it is more about what they didn’t teach you….and that is where the magic lies!

Don’t be kept in the dark any longer…..don’t hope that things will suddenly change…..


We all come into this life with a purpose
We all have unique gifts and talents designed to support this purpose
We all carry within us a spark of the Divine Essence.

Is this for Me?

If you’re still wondering whether this course is for you, here are some of the many benefits you will gain:

Grail wisdom:

  • Helps you develop a philosophy that enables you to understand the whys and wherefores of living here in the material world
  • Is a synthesis of Wisdom Teachings, both ancient and modern which enable each individual to find their own unique, authentic path and expression
  • Ensures you connect deeper into the Spirit of Nature – its healing potential and mystical aspects
  • Helps to heal your sense of burnout, meaninglessness and dissatisfaction with life
  • Re-ignites your sense of awe and wonder and limitless possibility
  • Helps you to develop the faculty to ‘see beyond the veil’ of the illusions we surround ourselves with
  • Gives you both tools and understandings to develop a personal practice that honours the Sacred in the everyday, and the sources of Wisdom and Power in your life.
  • Supports and deepens your Spiritual Journey through life
  • Helps you re-connect to the ‘sweet spot’ of your personal power and sovereignty
  • Helps you to turn your home environment into an uplifing and supportive sanctuary that others will aspire to
  • Open you up to the hidden and arcane language of Symbolism
  • Reconnects you to the Field of Magic and Possibility within – and without – You
  • Introduces you to the power – and teachings – inherent within myth and story
  • Seeks to integrate inner harmony and outer wellbeing into a seamless whole
  • Creates a nourishing home sanctuary that is your temple and your soul’s safe haven
  • Teaches you how the home and the land you live on can either support or detract from your happiness, well-being and deep soul’s purpose
  • Develops a personal practice that honours your nature, home and body as sacred sources of wisdom and power in your life
  • Teaches you how to communicated with your body, and the spirits of nature and your home to activate your soul’s power and purpose
  • Launches you on your very own quest for the Grail Wisdom that will radically transform your life!

Even if you’re on the right track…you’ll get run over just sitting there.
Will Rogers

So take Action today.  Take the first step on your own Grail Quest towards self-empowerment.

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