My Gift to You…

Here you’ll find lots of information on all sorts of things…

First are the series of factsheets I publish that I know so many of you love…They are the result of years of experience of working in the natural health field and offer insight and guidance on such diverse aspects as how to deal with the Epstein Barr virus or shingles, to salicylate sensitivity, the case for aspirin and even inspiring information on Nature’s superfoods.

There are four categories of factsheets available.  This is primarily to make things less unwieldy and hopefully easier for you to find what you are searching for.

You will be asked to give your details to gain access, and I am sorry for the nuisance of this, but this helps to safeguard the dissemination of this information.

General Health and Diet

Information that relates to ways to maintain health, and information around food and different approaches to diet. i.e.  Aspirin, Calcification of the Pineal Gland, Body signs etc

Named Health Issues

Information around specific named health issues and, more importantly, what you can do to help improve the issues. i.e.  Acne, Chilblains, Depression.

Nutrient Information

For those of you who want to understand food and nutrient better, here you will find information about specific types of nutrients. i.e.  Amino Acids, Fibre, Gluten Free, iodine etc


Mother Nature has given us some real food heroes!  Be inspired by these nutritional powerhouses and find out the many ways in which they support health and healing. i.e.  Marine Phytoplankton, Turmeric, Cacao etc