General Health and Diet Fact Sheets

The following fact sheets contain information that relates to ways to maintain health and different, and information around food and different approaches to diet.

Acid or Alkaline – Table of Foods A table of acid forming foods and alkaline forming foods, making it easy to work out how to balance your diet.
Acid or Alkaline – How To Test Your Body pH Clear instructions on how to test your body pH, when is the best time of day to do it and what you need to look for to ensure you are interpreting the results right!
Acid or Alkaline – Why Body pH is Important What part does acidity play in ill health, where does it come from and what can you do about it.

Alternatives to Common Drugs Table If you have a health issue but are reluctant to use drugs, this table might help you find something in Mother Nature’s pharmacy to do the same thing.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet  Inflammation is a root cause of many of the major chronic diseases, as well as causing pain and speeding up ageing.  There are many foods which exert a strong anti-inflammatory effect.  Find out more.
Anti-Inflammatory Foods Table  Your at-a-glance guide to foods which help to reduce and heal inflammation

Aspirin  – Widely used there can be consequences from taking this common painkiller, particularly when using long term.

Blood Type A Diet – quick reference information on Peter D’Adamo’s blood type diet for Group As
Blood Type B Diet – quick reference information on Peter D’Adamo’s blood type diet for Group Bs
Blood Type AB Diet – quick reference information Peter D’Adamo’s blood type diet for Group ABs
Blood Type O Diet – quick reference information on Peter D’Adamo’s blood type diet for Group Os

Body Signs – There are numerous clues which the body gives, indicating a variety of underlying conditions or imbalances, from cracks at the corner of the mouth to ridged nails to coated tongue.  Here are just a few of them…..

Calcification of the Pineal Gland  We are exposed to various substances on a daily basis that can lead to what is called calcification of the pineal gland.  Not surprisingly this has consequences.  Find out more and what to do about it.

Chemicals and You Exposure to thousands of chemcials is an everyday problem to our health and well-being.  Find out how you can mitigate the problem.

Chemicals in Skincare and Cosmetics A table of common chemicals in skincare and cosmetics and the different ways in which they might affect our health.

Colloidal Silver   Highly antibacterial this is a great first aid cupboard staple, and can often help you avoid the use of antibiotics.  Find out more about the many ways in which you can use this.

Day-Night Shift  What is the day-night shift and how does it affect us?

Detoxification  What is detoxification, why is it important and how does it affect health.
Detoxification – One Day Diet  A simple one day detox diet to help improve energy levels.

Drug and Nutrient Depletion Table   Few people realise that prescribed drugs can cause serious nutrient depletions over time as the body uses its precious store of nutrients to metabolise these drugs.  Find out what we know of this little researched area.

Food Additives to Avoid   Food additives are generally seen as being unhealthy.  Some are not.  Find out which are the ones you really want to avoid.

Food Cravings…and what to do about them!   Are you craving certain types of food?  There is often a message from the body, asking you for something it is lacking.  Are you interpreting it right?  Find out more….

Food Intolerance and Allergy Testing   Food intolerances can cause a wide variety of health issues.  Find out more and simple ways you can test certain foods to see if they are problematic.

Glycaemic Index or Load  Carbohydrates reduce to sugar in the body and this has an implication for both blood sugar issues and weight loss.  Find out what high GI and low GI means  and how to make sense of it all….

Glycaemic index or Load – Table of Foods   Find out which foods are high GI and which are low in tabular form.

Glyphosate and Health – this common chemical is now found in most of our food and can have a devastating effect on human health.

Hair  Beautiful hair begins on the inside…..ensure yours is the best it can be!

Heavy Metals Detoxification – heavy metals are known for their toxicity to the human body, but they are not easy to get rid of.  Find out how to do this – safely!
Heavy Metals – Mercury Removal  Mercury buildup in body tissues can devastate health, but it is not simple of straightforward to get rid of.  Find out what you can do.

Help for a Hiatus Hernia  A hiatus hernia can cause all sorts of health issues.  Here are some suggestions to solve the problem without surgery!

Herbal Health Aids Herbs are Nature’s pharmacy.  Nature has given us what we need to be well.  By exploring and embracing the medicine cabinet that very often lies just outside your front door, in your garden, you are not only helping yourself, but also contributing to a more balanced way of living.

Herbal Teas  It is simple to take herbs in the form of infusions, or teas.  Indeed, any good health food shop has a good selection of herbal teas ready made for you, some combination mixes being targeted as specific aids, maybe to detox, or help better sleep etc. Find out how to use herbal teas therapeutically.

Inflammatory Model  A simple model to explain the underpinnings to inflammation in the body, which studies tell us is a major underlying factor in many serious health issues.

Intermittent Fasting  A popular form of weight loss, find out what it is and how to do it.

Limeade, or Master Fast  A popular form of fasting – find out what it is and how to do it.

Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse  Many people swear by this to help cleanse their liver and gallbladder.
Liver and Oestrogen Dominance, PMT etc   What part does the liver play in oestrogen dominance and other hormonal imbalances?
Liver Nourishing Foods  Find out which foods best support your liver to help it work optimally
Love your Liver!  Understand the many ways this organ keeps you health and the ways it lets you know things aren’t quite right!

Naturopathic Techniques  These techniques have helped people create and maintain health through the ages.  Find out what they are and how to do them.

Nightshade Family  The nightshade family encompasses various foods which sensitive people can react to.  Find out more….

Nutritional Deficiencies and Mental Health – what part do nutritional deficiencies play in mental health? The answer may surprise you and give you some clues as to how to help.

Pesticide Guide – Best and Worst Foods   Can’t afford to go totally organic?  Here’s a list of the most contaminated fruit and vegetables.

Phyto-Oestrogenic Foods  Find out which foods contain plant oestrogens and can help to improve menopausal symptoms….

RDA v ODA  Governement set guidelines for nutrient intake are wholly inadequate.  Find out what you should be having.

Salicylate Sensitivity  Certain foods contain compounds called salicylates, which can cause problems for those who are sensitive to them.  Find out which common foods are concerned.

Stimulants  Quite a few food and drinks have a stimulant effect, which you might want to avoid if you have certain health issues.

Stone Age, or Paleo, Diet  A carb-free, grain-free approach to diet that is similar to that enjoyed by our ancestors.

The Importance of Water  Vital for life, all water is not the equal.  Find out more about the many ways a lack of water can effect you.

The Twelve Tissue Salts  Cheat sheet to the twelve tissue salts and how to use them

The Basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine  Pre-dating modern medicine by thousands of years, traditional chinese medicine takes a very wholistic approach to health and well-being.

Warming and Cooling Foods  Some foods have warming properties and some cooling.  Find out why this might be important and which are which.