Understanding Your Soul Blueprint

Knowing who you are at Soul level can make all the difference to outcomes in your life

One of the major causes of deep-seated health and life issues I have seen in clients, again and again,   are a consequence of them being out of balance with themselves.

What do I mean by that?

Simply, that they are not in alignment or resonating coherently with their Soul blueprint – the blueprint of whom they are meant to be, their innate unique patterning and expression – rather than whom they have become through conditioning, poor choices, negative behavioural patterns and beliefs and Societal constructs and overlays.

And the results can be devastating – particularly as we get older and this lack of alignment potentially becomes more entrenched.

This is where Soul Realignment comes in….

So many people feel out-of-kilter with their lives, dissatisfied and disappointed.

I’m sure you’ve heard time and again that we are powerful creators of our own reality – and yet you may look around at your life and think ‘I didn’t ask for this!’.  A Soul Blueprint reading helps you to understand exactly WHY you may not be creating exactly what you want…..

And understanding WHO you really are at a Soul level…and HOW your Soul can best express itself energetically in alignment with your divine nature means that you can start to make positive choices that bring things back into balance and start creating the life your Soul yearns for.

Once you understand the qualities of your divine nature and how choices made which are not congruent with this hold us back and produce results we don’t want, it becomes much easier to make new, positive choices which are aligned and start to shift things back in the right direction!

New experiences and opportunities will open up and you will have the understanding required to make the RIGHT choice in how you respond.  Challenges, problems and issues won’t go away – these are our teachers – but you will understand how to manage them in a way that is aligned and congruent with your unique blueprint….your boundaries and your outcomes will change – for the better!

And it gets even better – acting from your Soul’s divine nature not only brings better results but improves your connection to Divine Source, resulting in greater levels of energy, joy, abundance and purpose in life.

And as you clear the block and restrictions and ‘stuck’ areas of your life, you act from your gifts and talents and your Soul’s unique expression and energetic qualities, enabling you to live more fully from your True Self.

This clearing work is therefore VERY healing, powerful and transformative!

What Does a Soul Blueprint reading include?

  • A basic Akashic Records reading
  • A personalized understanding of your Soul’s energies and origination
  • Your Soul gifts, talents and specialisations
  • The challenges, blocks and restrictions you may face
  • Unhealthy energetic programmes and beliefs you may be running
  • Negative thought forms, intention and implant that may be holding you back
  • Chakra or energy centre damage
  • Blockages to accessing Source energy
  • Past life negative contracts, bargains, vows etc that are affecting you adversely
  • Karmic debts you may carry
  • Soul ‘wounds’

And having discovered what might be holding you back you need to clear these impediments

An intention for clearing and healing will be placed within your record for you to activate through Clearing ‘homework’.

And then it is just a question of making positive, more aligned choices day-to-day to see your life start to transform…..

Understanding your Soul Blueprint
opens up doors of new energy and opportunity, so you can take action to create the life you want!


How Does It Work?

Upon placing your order I will contact you within 48 hours to confirm I have received your reading request.

I will ask you for your full name now, full name at birth, date and place of birth and your intention for requesting a reading.

We will then schedule a one-to-one call by Zoom and I will access your records and retrieve the necessary information.

Each reading takes approximately 1 – 1.5 hours .
reparation for the reading takes between 2-3 hours in advance of the live reading.
The process is clear, structured, balanced and designed for optimum clarity.

You will receive a recording of the call (technology willing!) to listen to again – there is lots of information to take in!

You will also receive brief, customised clearing homework for you to do for 21 days to activate and complete the clearing process.

Benefits of Accessing Your Soul Blueprint

  • Discover who you are at Soul level – your gifts, talents and the challenges you are likely to face as a result
  • Discover how your choices have shaped your life experiences over many lifetimes
  • A clear understanding of how you are meant to express them
  • A clear understanding of blocks and restrictions that have been holding you back
  • Understanding of deep-rooted energetic patterns that may currently be playing havoc with your life
  • Strategies for dealing with challenges
  • Strategies for making new positive, empowered choices
  • Cleansing and clearing of negative influences
  • Releasing and clearing of negative karma and programmes
  • Improved access to Source energy and its healing potential
  • Potential for your life to open up and expand
  • Brings consciousness to your day-to-day choices so you can truly co-create your life

This is a profound opportunity to radically shift and improve your current experiences, perceptions and choices, and remove limitations, blockages and negative patterns.