The road to successful self-empowerment, heightened awareness and consciousness and a life of passion and purpose is fraught with pitfalls, false gurus, misinformation, expensive mistakes and dead ends!!!


The Ancients knew, and we have forgotten, that there are core concepts and teachings that can help and guide us to:

  • Lead happier, more joyful and engaged lives
  • Work in ways which are fulfilling and deeply satisfying
  • Understand who we are and what we are here to do
  • Stay grounded and rooted
  • Form an understanding of how the world really works – and how we can utilise this to enhance how we live
  • Reclaim our individual sovereignty

But it took me many, many years of extensive study and research to realise what they are!

In fact, over 30!!!  And now here they are, in once place, for you….

The core principles of esoteric, metaphysical and spiritual knowledge

“There are metaphysical key concepts EVERYONE should know, core skills and tools which enable us to short circuit so much of the struggle and difficulties we face…”

Saira Salmon

I know….I’ve been there….

At times I felt like I was groping my way through darkness

And I’m sure like you, there were times when I thought I’d found THE ANSWER, only to realise it was just one small part of a bigger picture….

It was, quite frankly, frustrating!

It was like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle, without knowing what the picture is!

But the years of searching, researching and study eventually paid off!

And THAT is when Pathways to Consciousness was born….
So it won’t take YOU 30 years before you reap the rewards this brings!

What is Pathways to Consciousness?

It is an accessible comprehensive programme for anyone exploring an esoteric/ spiritual/ metaphysical path or wanting to align themselves with higher vibrational principles.

It can be accessed either as a whole or in sections, giving you vital foundational understandings, ensuring you have the concepts and knowledge required to ease the way ahead.

  • this core information and understanding will enrich your life at every level,
  • help you to develop the qualities required for the times ahead,
  • give you deep insights into the nature of reality and the world around you,
  • give you the tools to expand and increase your levels of consciousness and awareness
  • give you the ability to truly transform your life and the way you see and interact with the world
  • enhance and balance your physical, emotional and mental well-being
  • ensure that you become sovereign of yourself and your space, not subject to other’s control mechanisms, propaganda and agenda.

“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”


And YOU don’t have years to invest any longer before you step onto your path, fully equipped and skilled.

You need to get up to speed as fast as possible!

Pathways to Consciousness has been designed to give you just what we ALL need –

a firm grounding in core concepts and understanding!

It is not just ‘head’ knowledge, but a toolbox of esoteric, metaphysical and spiritual knowledge and techniques that will serve you through the coming years, enabling you to deepen your practise, help others on their way and expand your own potential and ability to tap into universal energy and abundance.


It will enhance whatever practice you have

This is for you when:

  • You are serious about the path you are on
  • You want to serve both yourself and others to your highest potential
  • You KNOW there is more ….but don’t know where to find it
  • You want a philosophy and understanding of Life, the Universe and Everything….that can be applied at any level
  • You want to thrive and grow
  • You want to manifest abundance in your life
  • You are looking to be your fully empowered Self
  • You want to help humanity build a more enlightened world
  • You want to contribute to balance and harmony in the world

You can call it esotericism, magic, spirituality, metaphysics or any of the other terms currently being used.  However you frame it, THIS is the knowledge upon which the metaphysician would build his understandings of the Universe, the alchemist would hone his craft and the magician would manipulate the atoms of Creation…..

Just think how it might help YOU!

And here it is, available to you in one place!

Pathways to Consciousness  is presented as either a complete course of study, or you can buy access to the individual component elements.

What Does the Programme Cover?

The Wheel of Life £97
Geometry of Time and Space

We begin with the first of the three great energetic archetypes which underpin everything.  Understanding the Wheel of Life helps us learn how time and space are integrated as we discover the cycles and rhythms that govern all life.  Found in every culture Man has worked with this form for time immemorial. You need to understand this energetic archetype both in the context of your life and the world around you, and in working with ritual and ceremony and sacred space.  A fundamental underpinning to any esoteric and metaphysical knowledge as you begin to work consciously on co-creation.

The Universal Laws £97
Universal Governing Principles

The great metaphysical laws that underpin the world of material creation are being recognised once more by quantum scientists.  But they were known and worked with by our ancient ancestors.  What are they?  What can they teach us? How can they help us?

The Elements & Elemental Energy £97
Building Blocks of Creation

These weave their way through almost every form.  Whilst you may be aware of what they are (or maybe not!) how do they show up in your and those around you? How do they define every process of life from the moment we are born – and are even interwoven in the dying process. How can you consciously work with them to your benefit?  How can they help you to understand and contact elemental beings and other energy forms?

The Tree of Life £195
Map of Consciousness & Creation

Knowledge of this energetic archetype was used by the Ancient Egyptians, Babylonians and then the Hebrews and Arabs, who re-introduced it into the West during the Renaissance.  This beautiful, elegant and profound geometry could give a lifetime of study, yet gives great insights from the first moment of investigation. Did you know, for example, that the Tree of Life is reflected in our DNA, and by working with it you can communicate directly with latent aspects of your DNA? What is it?  What does this mean?  What does it show us?  How can it benefit us? 

The Chakras £195
Portals of Transformation

The third of the three great energetic archetypes the Chakras are spinning wheels of light connecting the physical and energetic bodies of living beings – including the earth – these are gateways into the great field of information within which we all live.  Understanding each chakra and the many layers and levels of insights it can give you into who you are, and how to begin to master the energies which flow continually through you are an essential part of any esoteric or spiritual path of study.

The Language of Archetypes £197
Primordial Patterns of Energy

Archetypes are forms around which energy coalesces.  They were first acknowledged in the great myths and deities of the Ancient worlds. Consciously or unconsciously we all speak this language, but learning what it is and how you can apply it to both giving deep insight into yourself, but also others around you, how to balance positive and negative aspects, how to recognise the shifts in the collective archetypal patterns gives an eagle’s eye view on both others and the world around you. With the opening up of new transpersonal chakras having a working knowledge of archetypes has never been more essential.

The Soul’s Journey £97
The Immortal You

Why are you here?  What is the purpose of life?  These are fundamental questions and give meaning to our everyday life, and understanding to the bigger picture of where we need to aim.  We are all sparks of the Divine seeking access to consciousness and self-realisation.  What does this mean?  How can we know this?  Ancient and indigenous cultures are very clear about the Soul’s journey, but the last 2,000 years of Western history have cut us adrift from this.  Forming your own unique understanding and philosophy around this is essential to finding your place in this world.

Creating Sacred Space £97
Bringing Heaven to Earth

Do you know why you open sacred space when any inner work or journey is to be undertaken?  Or why you do the ritual you have learnt?  A basic part of any spiritual, self-development or exploratory practise should be the process of creating a safe container from which to work.  Whether it’s to ensure safety when working in the subtle realms, as an integral part of any form of manifesting or ‘magic’ working, creating a secure and harmonious space from which to meditate or any of the myriad others ways in which sacred space is required, understanding what you are doing, why you are doing it, the choices you have in its creation and how to maintain it or close it down once opened is vital.  This is an often misunderstood or neglected area of learning.  Builds on the knowledge gained with both the Wheel of Life and The Elements as well as the Universal Laws.

Awakening Your Grail Wisdom £495
The World of Energy

Are you aware of the many different energies which surround us, interweave with our beings and the earth on which we live and affect us at every level?  From the great cosmic energies which are shaking up the planet at the moment, to earth energies, and those found in our immediate environment and within us – some of which are beneficial, some harmful…..Which are which? How do you tell?  What can you do about it and how is knowledge and understanding of this to be used?

Awakening Your Grail Wisdom pulls together all you have learnt so far and gives you both context and another level of insight as we look at the world of energy through the levels of grail wisdom, an ancient archetype for wholeness and purity.  Understanding the world and relating to it from this level not only naturally brings a higher vibrational level into your life, but also changes the way you see and interact with the world.

Each programme will give you a deeper appreciation and understanding of
who you are
why you are here
how to access your own power
helping you develop what you are currently doing in a new light. 

As the programme unfolds it builds on the foundations laid and develops them.

By the end you will have an excellent grounding in metaphysical, esoteric and spiritual principles to build on.

You can choose to access the complete programme and work through it, and the exercises that are integral to each are as it is delivered to your account, or you can buy into as many of the individual areas of the programme as you desire.

No matter whether you are a beginner on this path, or have been working with many modalities in this arena for many years, you will benefit from having a broad, well-structured level of base knowledge to support and serve all that you do.

The Complete Course – Here’s What’s Included

  • A complete programme covering the basic metaphysical underpinnings of Life
  • 9 Individual topics delivered at regular intervals to your account
  • Video lessons for each core concept
  • Written documents for each core concept to download and keep
  • Experiential exercises to bed in the knowledge
  • Regular Live coaching and Q & A sessions
  • Private Facebook forum
  • Certification on completion of competency test at end of course
  • Lifetime access to all lessons

Each topic will be delivered to your account at regular intervals, in the following order:

  1. The Wheel of Life
  2. The Universal Laws
  3. The Four Elements
  4. The Tree of Life
  5. The Chakras
  6. The Language of Archetypes
  7. The Soul’s Journey
  8. Creating Sacred Space
  9. Awakening Your Grail Wisdom


Recordings of all lessons and written materials will be available within your account for you to refer back to.

Certification will be available for those who want to take the final exam.

Choose the option that best suits your needs:

Pathways to Consciousness
Complete Course
Total value £1667


or 5 Monthly payments
of just


Individual Access
View each programme for prices
(range from £97 – £495)

Are you on board?

Do you want to walk the Pathways to Consciousness – and build an excellent esoteric, metaphysical and spiritual tool box of wisdom, skills and techniques as you do so?

Then this is for you!

About Saira

I’ve been studying metaphysics, ancient wisdom teachings, energy and asking the big questions about the way the world works for more years than I care to remember. 

The road to successful self-empowerment, heightened awareness and consciousness and a life of passion and purpose is fraught with pitfalls, false gurus, misinformation, expensive mistakes and dead ends. And that’s why I’ve become passionate about sharing what I couldn’t find when I first started out – a programme teaching foundational underpinnings which can be applied to anything you choose to do!

I’ve had the privilege of studying with some amazing teachers and as my understanding and the depth of my knowledge has grown it’s not only changed how I understand the world, but informed the way I work with clients, and how I approach life.

I’ve taught Wholistic health and well-being for many years, but have seen so many people, whose practice/career/life choices would be deeply enhanced if they had a firm understanding of what I call ‘the basics’ , that I’ve expanded my courses to include the big metaphysical understandings that run through everything and transform how you work and play in the world!

I’ve always believed in finding out the root cause of things – be it illness, unhappiness or Life’s big questions! When you grasp things at this level you can bring through profound change.  

And in these times where great shifts of energy and consciousness are taking place we need some firm foundations on which to stand, which give us the tools to effortlessly surf the shifting currents ahead.

Sign up now!  Don’t delay…

Choose the option that best suits your needs

Pathways to Consciousness
Complete Course
Total value £1667


or 5 Monthly payments
of just


Individual Access
View each programme for prices
(range from £97 – £495)

Q & A?

Now isn’t the right time for me. Can I join later?

You can register at any time and join the course…the first element of the programme will be delivered to your account as soon as you do so.   Or you can buy into any element of the programme as and when you want.  Just don’t leave it too long, as I sincerely believe that we ALL need these teachings to achieve best results, whatever we are doing.

What happens if I can’t make the live Q & A sessions?

Everything will be recorded so you will have a chance to catch up…..and you can send in questions ahead of time if there is something you want clarified.

Is this course for beginners?

Yes…and no.  It is both for those who have already learnt a lot in their chosen area, as well as for anyone starting out.  There is no metaphysical curriculum for anyone starting on their spiritual journey, exploring energy and alternative therapies, spirituality or esoteric lore, or even those wanting to understand better the many layers to our reality.  We all start at different points – but we all NEED to ensure we have firm foundations to build our knowledge upon, and this is where Pathways to Consciousness comes in!

Will everything be online?

Yes, you will have your own account to sign into, and all the individual lessons, videos and documents will be delivered there in turn for you to study at your leisure.  You will be sent a link to sign into any live sessions.

Is there a forum to share with others?

Yes, there is a private Facebook page for course attendees to share information and experiences.

How long will it take to do the course?

There is no set time within which to complete this programme.  You can work at it as slowly or as fast as you want.  The demands on everyone’s time are different, so you work through it at your own pace.  This is a journey as much as just learning information, and the knowledge needs to be worked with as much as learnt, and you can building as much or as little time for this as you feel you require.  An important aspect of what you are developing is self-responsibility and discipline and therefore, whilst help is available should it be needed at any point, you are tasked with setting your own pace and schedule.

How Long Do I have Access to the Programme?

As long as the internet keeps on going, you will access, for your lifetime and beyond!

How Do I Get Course Certification?

The course consists of different topics and at the end of each one there is a test you can choose to take.  You will need to have passed all the individual tests and then a further general test at the end of the course to get certification for completion.  Don’t worry, if you don’t pass a test, you can go back and revise and then re-take it.  This is designed to ensure you have absorbed and understood the knowledge.

Do I have to take the tests?

No, this is an optional extra for those who either need or feel they want certification.

What is your refund policy?

As with all my programmes, refunds are not given if you change your mind.  Refunds are only given in line with UK consumer law.

About This Course

Pathways to Consciousness is not just a package of knowledge to be intellectually understood.  It requires that you work with and apply this learning to your own life so you ‘know’ it in your cell tissue.

You will be guided in exercises and ways to incorporate these understandings, and given tools and skills to do so, as the course progresses.

Take the time to work with these exercises and incorporate the skills they will provide into your life and work – taking the time to do this will repay the effort a thousand-fold.

The information you will be given will grow into a resource library you may want to re-visit again and again as your understanding and insights deepen.  As you expand your consciousness the more these core teachings will reveal to you – the signature of true initiatory knowledge!

Pathways to Consciousness
Complete Course
Total value £1667


or 5 Monthly payments
of just


Individual Access
View each programme for prices
(range from £97 – £495)