Earth, Air, Water, Fire

Do you understand how these forces flow through you – and everything around you – every day?
Each Element relates to a tangible aspect of being and

➢ supports

➢ enables

➢ stimulates

our personal and spiritual growth and wellbeing.

Not just physical manifestations of the elemental powers, they:

 are forces and energies which make up the Universe and everything in it   

 Are philosophical concepts, states of energy and spiritual essences

 Exist in every dimension of consciousness

 In the subtle relationships between all levels of Creation

 In everything – plants, animals, minerals, humans

 Are woven into every atom, every molecule, every nano particle, every quantum aspect

ALL of the manifested world contains the four elemental energies

If you want to understand and work with Creation you HAVE to understand them

They are the doorway to mastery of the physical world in which we live

What are they?

Earth, Air, Fire Water

Initially, there were three, and as the three brought the manifested world into being, they created the fourth.

They are here to bring balance to the created world, to vitalise and combine and bring their unique properties to every aspect of the created realms, seen and unseen.

Each has positive and negative qualities

And as you learn to recognise them, work with them, bring them into harmony you become an active player in the dance of great elemental forces which hold this world in balance.


Inherent in both chaos and order

Creativity, feelings, emotions

Wisdom & information


Inherent in both chaos and order

Warmth, light, life

Spirituality, consciousness, energy


Inherent in both chaos and order

Breath of the Creator

Information, life force, breath

Thoughts, thinking


Manifestation in physical form

Subtle worlds of Gaia

Physicality, form

And the Elements are not just the physical manifestations we are all familiar with. 

They are great metaphysical forces, the manifestation of elemental powers, found in all dimensions, all levels of consciousness and creation 

They form an ancient system of relationships and transformations that sit at the foundation of our universe as well as the basis of a system of correspondences which enable us to go ever deeper into our understanding of the natural world, and that of the elemental spirits who work tirelessly to maintain balance. 

And what about the fifth element? Spirit, or aether? 

The founding energy of the cosmos, invisible, intangible, pervading all……where does that come in? 

We all understand physical fire, but do we recognise it in the vital energising force that runs through us, the energy, enthusiasm and motivation that keeps us going?

Or know how understanding the water element enables us to clear emotional blockages?

What about how Earth helps us ground in ideas to bring desire (water) into a formed thought (air) and then into action (fire)?

Or how the elemental mix within you commands the expression of your personality?

Or how elemental imbalances in the collective detrimentally affect the weather and our environment?

Let Earth, Air, Fire, Water guide you deeper into Creation…

How Can it Help? 

We are part of the manifested world. How can you work with this, understand it, know how to manipulate it, heal it, bring balance to it without mastering the Elements? 

Understanding the Elements and how to work with them isn’t just for warlocks and witches!! 

If you want to create any form of sacred or magical space you have to understand how to call all the Elements to you! 

And that is the least of it! 

Each of the Elements relates to a tangible aspect of being, of the physical realm, and they support, enable and stimulate our personal and spiritual growth and wellbeing. 

Understanding the Elements will:

Enable you to work with Nature and her laws to improve your life

Help you could call in the correct elemental balance for your environment, project, relationship, health… 

Enable you to deepen your ‘knowing’ of the world around you

Help you to forge a relationship with elemental beings 

Give you the understanding of how mankind and elementals continuously interact 

Help you to ‘read’ the personality of others and know how best to interact with them 

Help you to work effectively with the Elements in ritual and ceremony 

Introduce you to the world of elemental correspondences 

They are a way to understand the world, to understand others and to deeply connect to Nature. 

Let Earth, Air, Fire, Water guide you deeper into Creation…

You Will Learn…

The Elements and Elemental Forces will take you through:

➢ The Mother Elements

➢ What are the Four Elements

➢ The Fifth Element

➢ Working with the Elements and Elemental Forces

➢ Balancing the Elements

➢ The Elements and Personality Traits

➢ The Elements, The Wheel of Life and the Directions

➢ Elemental Beings and Guardians

➢ The Elements and the occult

➢ Correspondences

The programme includes a workbook, experiential exercises and simple tools that will enable you to both recognise and work with the Elements as they weave through your daily life, and to deepen your experience and understanding of them.

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The Elements and Elemental Forces is part of the Pathways to Consciousness programme which is a comprehensive package providing a toolbox of esoteric, metaphysical and spiritual knowledge and techniques that will enhance and deepen any practise, skillset or development programme you may undertake or currently follow.

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What’s Included:

✓ Recorded presentations and lessons
✓ Written booklet to download and kee
✓ Workbook
✓ Experiential exercises to bed in the knowledge
✓ Access to regular Q & A sessions
✓ Private Facebook forum
✓ Certification on completion of competency test at end of course
✓ Lifetime access to all material

Let Earth, Air, Fire, Water guide you deeper into Creation…

Choose from The Elements Course or the full Pathways to Consciousness programme

The Elements & Elemental Forces

Complete Course

Pathways to Consciousness

Complete programme (9 courses)
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About Saira

I’ve been studying metaphysics, ancient wisdom teachings, energy and asking the big
questions about the way the world works for more years than I care to remember.

The road to successful self-empowerment heightened awareness and consciousness and a life of passion and purpose is fraught with pitfalls, false gurus, misinformation, expensive mistakes and dead ends.  And that’s why I’ve become passionate about sharing what I couldn’t find when I first started out – a programme teaching foundational underpinnings which can be applied to anything you choose to do!

I’ve had the privilege of studying with some amazing teachers and as my understanding and the depth of my knowledge has grown it’s not only changed how I understand the world but informed the way I work with clients, and how I approach life. 

I’ve taught Holistic health and well-being for many years, but have seen so many people, whose practice/career/life choices would be deeply enhanced if they had a firm understanding of what I call ‘the basics’, that I’ve expanded my courses to include the big metaphysical understandings that run through everything and transform how you work and play in the world!

I’ve always believed in finding out the root cause of things – be it illness, unhappiness or Life’s big questions! When you grasp things at this level you can bring through profound change. 

And in these times where great shifts of energy and consciousness are taking place we need some firm foundations on which to stand, which give us the tools to effortlessly surf the shifting currents ahead.

Questions and Answers

How do I access the course?

On signing up for the programme you will have your own account to sign into, and all the individual lessons, videos and documents will be delivered there in turn for you to study at your leisure.  You will be sent a link to sign into any live sessions.

If you have bought into the complete Pathways to Consciousness programme this segment of the programme will be delivered into your account as the first unit of nine.

Is there a forum to share with others?

Yes, there is a private Facebook page for course attendees to share information and experiences.

How long will it take to do the course?

There is no set time within which to complete this programme.  You can work at it as slowly or as fast as you want.  The demands on everyone’s time are different, so you work through it at your own pace.  This is a journey as much as just learning information, and the knowledge needs to be worked with as much as learnt, and you can building as much or as little time for this as you feel you require.  An important aspect of what you are developing is self-responsibility and discipline and therefore, whilst help is available should it be needed at any point, you are tasked with setting your own pace and schedule.

How Long Do I have Access to the Programme?

As long as the internet keeps on going (!), you will access, for your lifetime and beyond!

How Do I Get Course Certification?

At the end of the programme there is a test you can choose to take.  You will need to pass the individual test to get certification for completion.  Don’t worry, if you don’t pass a test, you can go back and revise and then re-take it.  This is designed to ensure you have absorbed and understood the knowledge.

Do I have to take the tests?

No, this is an optional extra for those who either need or feel they want certification.

What is your refund policy?

As with all my programmes, refunds are not given if you change your mind.  Transformation work is not something you try, it is something you commit to doing.  Refunds are only given in line with UK consumer law.

About This Course

The Elements and Elemental Forces is not just a package of knowledge to be intellectually understood. It requires that you work with and apply this learning to your own life so you ‘know’ it in your cell tissue. 

You will be guided in exercises and ways to incorporate these understandings, and given tools and skills to do so, as the course progresses. 

Take the time to work with these exercises and incorporate the skills they will provide into your life and work – taking the time to do this will repay the effort a thousand-fold. 

The information you will be given will grow into a resource library you may want to re-visit again and again as your understanding and insights deepen. As you expand your consciousness the more these core teachings will reveal to you – the signature of true initiatory knowledge! 

The Elements and Elemental Forces is part of the Pathways to Consciousness programme, delivering core concepts and teachings which are fundamental underpinnings to esoteric, metaphysical and spiritual lore and knowledge.  If you want to know more about the complete programme click here

Choose from the Universal Laws Course or the full Pathways to Consciousness programme

The Elements & Elemental Forces
Complete Course

Pathways to Consciousness
Complete programme (9 courses)
Total value £1667