• The Lost Wisdom of the Grail
  • The Lost Wisdom of the Earth
  • The Lost Wisdom of the Ancestors

These were a series of telesummits bringing together Wisdom Keepers and experts around the globe to share and discuss many topics.

With these summits, you have access to dozens of hours of teaching and wisdom from some of the best speakers and teachers in their fields.

There is lots to inspire you! It can’t help but inform, expand and fascinate.

Here’s what some attendees had to say…


I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful summit, it is been a whole journey, full of discoveries and reaffirmation of my own quest.

This was a marvellous summit. Thank you so much for facilitating these offerings and your beautiful interviewing.

I am loving every single interview, which is so rare for me with these telesummits…

In awe and incredibly, deeply, & divinely moved by what you are bringing forward with this summit.

What brings the speakers alive is you asking the right questions at the right time which fires up their passion…

I had to mail to say ‘thank you’ for bringing all of these people together. It is the most interesting, thought-provoking and altogether delightful thing I’ve ever watched
You have no idea how far-reaching you and your speakers have inspired, ignited, re-awakened people globally

Lost Wisdom of the Grail

The Grail is a metaphor for wholeness of mind, body and spirit. 20 speakers share their wisdom and insights across this broad range of topics.

Lost Wisdom of the Earth

21 speakers on topics as diverse as earth energies, landscape temples and dolphins!

Lost Wisdom of the Ancestors

16 speakers on dragons, Celtic traditions, shamanism, the Akashic and much more.