Health and Wellbeing Programmes

Welcome to all my programmes and courses around the physical body and various ailments and problems – and what to do about them!

Looking at nutrition, lifestyle and a variety of other things which contribute to physical well-being each of the programmes will outline the underlying issues and give you all you need to know to get your health back on track!

Browse the health and nutrition programmes now:


Holistic Health

Learn with me month-by-month how to keep every body system health.

12-month course coming soon.

Holistic Menopause

Some women suffer, some don’t! Find out how to become one of the latter!

Mind Your Weight for Life

A comprehensive programme giving you not only a crash course in healthy eating and nutrition but how to change your mindset and concrete this in.

Juicing for Health

All you need to know about the benefits of juices v smoothies, the equipment, fabulous recipes and much, much more!

Living with Wheat Intolerance

Think you have a wheat or gluten intolerance?  Find out all you need to know to heal the problems and still eat great food!  The support guide you have been waiting for!

Yeast Free Forever!

Unpleasant and embarrassing, yeast infections plague some people.  Find out how to get rid of candida, thrush, athlete’s foot and other nasty yeast problems….forever!

Quit Smoking!

No ifs, no buts this approach WILL work!  With NLP Master and hypnotherapist Les Zerfahs.