Thriving with Wheat Intolerance

Have you been diagnosed with wheat or gluten intolerance?
Or do you suspect that this might lie behind your weight problems, fatigue, lack of enthusiasm for life, gut problems, etc, etc?

And is there life after wheat??????

If you’ve been diagnosed with either wheat or gluten intolerance your first thoughts were probably full of despair

  • I don’t know how to deal with this – what am I going to eat???
  • I can’t live without bread or pasta (or cake, or biscuits etc)
  • Life will become so complicated…..
  • Life won’t be worth living!
  • Why me?

You feel lost, unsure what to do, or how to cope with it all.

  • What I you cook?
  • How do I replace wheat in my diet?
  • What is wheat used in?
  • Where do I find substitutes
  • What are they?
Your questions are endless, and there is very little practical help around ….

  • Am I never going to have a pasta dish again?
  • What about noodles – do they contain gluten?  Are they ok or not?
  • Can I still bake?  If so what do you use in the place of flour, or baking powder?
  • What is quinoa and how do you use it?
  • What about eating out?

Food suddenly becomes a nightmare, not a pleasure.  You try the gluten-free isle in the supermarket, but quickly realise its expensive, generally tastes like cardboard – and if you read the contents label it makes you shudder!  Health food it isn’t!  Is this what your life has become?

But what about if you thought of this another way!

That this is an opportunity to explore a healthier way of eating, that it gives you the chance to find some really wonderful, delicious food that you might not otherwise have looked at – and what’s more you don’t have to give up treats, or other foods you enjoy – you just have to approach them differently.

That is what Thriving with Wheat and Gluten Intolerance will help you to do!

Not only will it answer your questions about

  • WHY this is becoming an issue for more and more people
  • Modern techniques and practices that are underpinning the problem
  • Is it really gluten – or something else!
  • The difference between wheat and gluten intolerance
  • How you can get addicted to it, despite the damage
  • The many unexpected places you will find it,
It will also give you practical help on:

  • How to replace some of the common wheat foods in your diet
  • Which foods are good substitutes
  • What you need to know about the free-from ranges
  • Where you might find wheat ‘hidden’
  • Which foods are problem free for you
  • How to cope with withdrawal
  • How to repair any damage to your gut and immune system
And on top of that there are loads of recipes for you, that will have you eager to start on this new way of eating – so straightforward, delicious and tasty your poor, unhealthy wheat-eating pals will look at you with envy! Everything from breakfasts to get your taste buds going to light lunches, main meals and desserts as well as some yummy choices to satisfy a sweet tooth!
You may think life as you know it has ended – and it has!!!

But a much, much better life awaits.

The Universe has handed you a wonderful gift. In a few years from now you’ll look back on this and say a big thank-you, for what now seems like a really tough call.

So which do you want to do?

  • Struggle with food choices?
  • Eat food that tastes like cardboard?
  • Miss out on foods that you enjoy?
  • Or even worse – annoy your friends because they can’t cope with you not coping!


  • Eat delicious, healthy food that is quick and easy to prepare
  • Feel better, look better and live better at every level
  • Have your friends eager to come and eat with you because they LOVE your food
  • And….have their undying admiration for the way you’ve coped with it all

This is what Thriving with Wheat and Gluten Intolerance will give you!

And that’s not all – there’s even a simple, easy-to-use chart you can print and take shopping with you.  Want to have a pasta dish?  This is what you can use instead?  Or a breakfast cereal?  Or baking ingredients?

It’s all here, made simple for you, to help you through the minefield of shopping.  Very quickly you will have found your feet with this new approach to food – and you’ll never look back!!

So buy Thriving with Wheat and Gluten Intolerance now!

This is what you will get:

  • Information on WHY wheat is now a problem for so many (this will answer those people who think it’s all in your head!)
  • Simple questionnaires to give you the answers you want
  • The various ways you can test to be sure
  • Ways to cope with the addictive qualities of wheat
  • The many places to look for ‘hidden’ wheat
  • Simple food substitutes
  • How it’s not just food products you have to beware of
  • How to cope with withdrawal symptoms
  • How to ensure this isn’t the death knell to your social life
  • How to heal any damage caused to body systems

And let’s not forget the lots and lots of delicious recipes to give you a head start!!

And….your invaluable Shopping Guide – something you don’t want to be without!

And, if that wasn’t enough, there is a great bonus interview for you with someone who has been in your shoes, and can tell you all about her journey, the difficulties she found, and how dealing with this whole issue has literally put her life on a different track!  it is inspiring, and not to be missed.  And what’s more she has agreed to share some of her superb recipe cache with you (I know they’re good I’ve tried them!)

And that’s not all!!!

For those of you who sign up within the next 10 days there is a bonus course for you


Juicing for Health
Your Juicing and Smoothies Bible

All you need to know about juicing and smoothies, the different types of equipment so you make the right choice, the best fruit and vegetable to use, and therapeutic boosters to help with everything from cleansing and detox to helping with inflammatory and immune conditions within the body.

Valued at £    it’s yours for FREE when you purchase Thriving with Wheat and Gluten Intolerance in the next ten days.


I’m also going to throw in a copy of my Pesticide Residues Guide – you’ll realise why this is so important when you read the programme.  Knowing which foods are the worst affected and which aren’t can help ensure the choices you make don’t contribute to long term health issues.


Because one of the big issues caused by wheat and gluten intolerance in the body is inflammation (a silent killer) I’m also going to let you have a copy of my Guide to Anti-Inflammatory Foods – it’s like so much in life, you just have to be made aware of the pitfalls to avoid them!  Ignorance of basic stuff can get you into big trouble that you’d have taken avoidance action on – if only you KNEW!

So don’t delay – get Thriving with Wheat and Gluten Intolerance NOW!!