Holistic Health – Ancient Wisdom for Today

Coming soon, a flagship programme on Holistic Health.

This is the equivalent of downloading from my brain all I have learnt over the years of trying to understand the many different problems clients have presented with, and the best techniques to get things back on track.  The knowledge and understanding you will gain will empower you to help not just yourself and your family, but also clients, friends, colleagues etc.

This is your essential toolkit to health and wellbeing!

The Programme covers 13 monthly modules.  By the time you get to the end of this programme you will have a firm understanding of what holistic health REALLY means and how you can apply the principles in your life day-to-day to improve both quality of life and general health, as well as an in-depth look at each of 12 body systems, how they work, how they go wrong, what to do about it and I will give you a variety of different techniques and modalities to help get things back in balance, system by system.

Part 1     What is Holistic Health?

Firstly we will look at what we mean by holistic health and what this embraces, including:

  • The Holistic Health Model
  • The Disease Tree
  • The Five Bodies
  • Cellular Healing
  • The Root Causes of Disease
  • Environmental Influences

By the end of this module you will have gained a new perspective on what we call health, how we lose it and how we can regain it.

Part 2     The Body Systems

There will be 12 modules covering each of the body systems in turn.  For each one we will look at:

  • The anatomy of the body system
  • How the body system works and what it does
  • Common Problems affecting each system – and how to correct them
  • Beneficial foods
  • Beneficial herbs
  • Other Aids and techniques

And also look at a variety of things peculiar to each body system that it is essential to understand in order to track down problems.  For example, the Digestive System module will include:

  • Happy Digestion
  • The Importance of Correct Stomach Acid
  • Let’s Talk Teeth!
  • Saliva – Not Just lubrication!
  • Tongue Diagnosis

In the Intestinal System as well as common problems and solutions we will include:

  • Keeping the Gut Healthy
  • Leaky Gut
  • The Gut Brain
  • The Neural Arch Reflex
  • The Ileo-Cecal Valve
  • Let’s Talk Poo!
  • Intestinal Cleansing
  • Water, the Gut and Histamine
  • Candida
  • Parasites
  • Naturopathic techniques

We will cover each body system in similar depth

The Digestive System                         The Intestinal System
The Hepatic System                            Urinary System
Respiratory System                             Immune System
Circulatory System                              Lymphatic System
Nervous System                                  Structural System
Endocrine System                               Reproductive System

Part 3     Living Well

Here we will look at:

  • How our mental and emotional health affects every area of our life:
  • Trip wires – The limitations and blocks that both experience and conditioning put in our way
  • Environmental Influences – Building awareness of how our environment affects us
  • Invisible energies
  • and much, much more……

The course will build into a manual covering all you need to know to live well in this world, and achieve your full potential – whatever that might be!

I promise you, that by the time we have covered everything I have to share with you not only will your understanding of physical health and well-being have expanded enormously, but you will look at who you are and the world around you in a different way!

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