The Principles of Holistic Health

Optimum nutrition in the palm of your handHolistic health.  We hear this phrase bandied around a lot.  But what is really meant by this?

We are the sum total of our parts – and that means we are more than just a physical body (although this tends to be the part we focus most on!).  Our mental and emotional makeup play a large part in not just health, but the ensuing quality of life they promote…or not!  Our personality, behaviour patterns, beliefs, lifestyle, past history, family history, constitution and even the environment we chose to put ourselves down in all have something to contribute to our understanding of what weakens our body system, manifests disease and destroys the quality of our life.

And then there is the unseen world of energy, radio waves, microwaves and electro-magnetic frequencies, as well as the energy body we all possess that integrates into our physical body – an growing area of knowledge and understanding which forms the basis of many of the effective, new therapeutic modalities developing alongside mainstream medicine and being taken seriously by leading scientists.

All of this contributes to who we are and how we conduct ourselves every day.  Good health, true health, is when we are in a state of balance at all levels of our being – mental, physical, emotional and even spiritual.  And by taking all of this into account we build a truly healthy whole being – one who is able to live a life of vitality, engagement and purpose.

Every programme I write for you will cover not just the physical aspects of re-balancing the body, but other complimentary modalities that are relevant and helpful, so you can re-balance – at EVERY level.

That’s true healing! And that’s a goal well worth pursuing!

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