Development Programmes

Making your invisible self, visible.

Understand your blueprint, your strengths, your weaknesses, where your blocks lie, where you limit yourself.

This is your lifetime toolkit.

A fully comprehensive Introductory Course to give you the knowledge and understanding to work with your chakras, and an Advanced Course to help you ground in and expand the knowledge you have obtained to help you practically manifest the life you desire.


Isn’t that all rather ‘ woo woo’?????

Good question – and just what I thought many years ago when I first tripped across them……and yet…..

My health was suffering….. I was suffering – and in all sorts of ways.   I was definitely a wounded soul badly in need of some fixing.

That inner ‘knowing’ we all have (and usually don’t listen to!) kicked in big time – and, for once, I paid attention.

Thank God I did!

I bought some books and got myself on a weekend workshop.  By the end of that weekend I had experienced one of those moments that are life defining, and contributed to setting me on the path of holistic health and wellbeing I am firmly on today.

That’s how powerful chakras are!

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Once you start to engage with them, understand what they are and what they do for us at an energetic level, how they define us in this physical world, how they influence our ability to thrive (or not!) at every level and – more importantly, – how you can work with them to resolve issues both physical and emotional/mental, you begin to realise that understanding how to tune in and work with them is something of a no-brainer as you seek not just physical health, but also a vibrant, healthy life!

I have spent thousands of pounds and years learning about chakras, and working with them, gradually building up layers of understanding that made me realise my initial introduction, whilst useful, barely scratched the surface.

So many, many years on I’ve finally brought it all together and written all I know and understand about each individual chakra down, ready to share with you.


You don’t need to do years of research and learning like I did, (or spend a small fortune!) it’s all here for you. This is what I wanted, all in one place, when I first started out.  Chapter and verse, in separate modules to make it easy for you.

  • How chakras function
  • The body areas, and life issues each chakra controls
  • How your energetic system works
  • What happens when block and problems occur
  • How to ‘read’ your chakras
  • How to correct imbalances in chakra energy
  • How to work practically with your chakras every day

And much, much more……

So what are Chakras?Aura and chakras.

They are energy nodes in your body, where the unseen world meets the physical world.  The word literally means ‘wheel’, and they are spinning vortices of energy with very specific energetic signatures.  The vibrational rate of each chakra determines what aspects and areas it influences

In simple terms, there are 7 main chakras:

The Root Chakra controls your sense of security and belonging in the world , your ability to survive and your life force

The Sacral Chakra relates to your sense of personal power in the world, both financial and sexual, as well as creative expression, individual relationships and sexuality

The Solar Plexus Chakra is where you draw you ego power from, as well as controlling group relationships, your sense of self-confidence and self-esteem, your personal honour and ambition and your ‘gut’ instinct

The Heart Chakra is your emotional, feeling centre, and determines our ability to love, to open up to others, to trust, as well as the ability to love ourselves

The Throat Chakra is where our voice is heard, our ability to speak our Truth…or not!…our centre of communication as well as will.

The Brow Chakra is where we tap into universal intuition, a place of deep insights, vision, wisdom and universal truths – if we have the courage to connect to them!

The Crown Chakra connects you to your higher purpose, to all life as a whole, and to the ‘divine being’ within us all

Simple.  Powerful.  Life-changing.

Which course is for you?

So you want to learn more? I have two different Chakra courses….if you’re feeling inquisitive you could go for the introductory course. If you already know the basics, the advanced course is for you. Or if you’re new but you just want to dive right in check out the money saving bundle that includes both and a load of super bonuses.

The Introductory Course

The Introductory Chakra Course is your one-stop guide to your energetic ecosystem.

Ancient wisdom is well ahead of modern science here – although, to be fair, it is beginning to catch up!

And the Ancients knew what we are just beginning to realise – it is this energetic ecosystem that really runs your life!  Yes, honestly!

You think your rational, conscious mind is in control, running your life.  But the reality is that it is the world of your subconscious which dictates what happens to you in reality, what you believe in  – no matter what your conscious mind may say – and the type of life you manifest for yourself.

And if the messages from your conscious and your subconscious don’t match up, guess which one wins?

Your subconscious, every time!   It will ‘sabotage’ you again and again.


In this course you will get eight modules introducing you to everything from:

  • their history and what they look like
  • the emerging science behind the chakras
  • in-depth information on each chakra
  • which life experiences they influence
  • how each chakra impacts our physical existence
  • what happens if they are imbalanced

All this will provide you with a secure foundation of knowledge and understanding that will enable you to work with your chakras day-to-day to better your life.

The Advanced Course

But that’s not all.  For those of you wanting MORE information, wanting to DEEPEN your understanding still further, there is an Advanced Chakra Course covering still further information.

In this course you will learn how to take your understanding of each chakra to a more profound level:

  • Affirmations and techniques to strengthen each chakra
  • Manifestation techniques with each chakra
  • Simple yet powerful exercises to tune in and work with the issues associated with each chakra
  • More techniques to harmonise each chakra
  • Suggestions for techniques to use
  • Yoga poses to open and balance each chakra
  • A multitude of chakra correspondences

There are over 200 pages to help you not only deepen your understanding, but also put this to practical use


This is where it REALLY gets interesting….and useful!

This will enable you to ground in and really begin to apply the knowledge you have learnt to use the powerful energies invested in each chakra to manifest the type of life YOU want, free of all those irritating limitations and negative mental tapes about who you are and what you deserve!

Buy the bundle with extra bonuses!

And for those of you wanting to buy both the Introductory and Advanced courses together, I’m throwing in some bonus material as a thank you for investing in yourself:

  • A questionnaire to help you quickly and easily determine where to focus your efforts
  • An Introduction to the Subtle Bodies – a full module which both compliments and deepens your understanding around chakras.
  • A Yoga Poses work sheet
  • Chakras and Your Health – how certain health conditions relate to specific chakras
  • A Guide to Minor Chakras – whilst the course introduces you to the major chakras, there are many others in the body. Learn where they are and how they can help you!
Your physical health is important…..but so is your energetic health.

Addressing one without the other is like putting a shoe on only one foot!

I am STILL learning about chakras – I think I always will be!  They are such a wonderful, huge, challenging, life-changing, transformational topic.

But I already know so much that I want to share with you.  The kind of stuff that keeps my life humming along nicely, my health balanced, my outlook sunny and optimistic and enables me to co-create the kind of life I want.

I have the tools for this, all I have to do is to use them – let me share them with you…..

Just like I did that first weekend I truly engaged with something that seemed at first to be so ephemeral, so weird, so bizarre, you too will have that ‘aha’ moment and never look back.

And the world will become more wonderful, more colourful, more miraculous as your understanding of these amazing energy centres grows.

The Ancients knew a thing or two!

Now you do too!