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Gods & Goddesses

Their stories, their rivalries, their love affairs, their greatness and their pettiness.

The value of knowing who you are is priceless!

Archetypes are teachers, gateways to wisdom that deepen our understanding of who we are.  Ans what is more, they are fixed.  The energetic archetypes you embody are who you are.  They are neither good nor bad, having both positive and negative qualities.

Understanding them – understanding who you are – gives you a roadmap towards empowerment, and some powerful tools towards achieving this.

Use these energies consciously, learn how to call on their strengths at appropriate times, how they affect others response to you, and how you can use them to create a fully authentic life.

I devoured it all when I was a teenager.  I loved the myths and legends, they appeared in.  I borrowed as many books at I could find from the library and their world came alive for me.

A world of heros and magic and wonderful quests and amazing beasts.

Why? Back then I didn’t have a clue, but…..I always felt like there was something there, just beneath the surface, that if I could only grasp it, would help everything make sense to me.

I didn’t get it then.  I do now.

These wonderful gods and goddesses speak to us even now because they ARE us.

Strengths, weaknesses, certain traits and tendencies.  Each god or goddess epitomises strongly a certain energy type, or what are called archetypes.

Identify for yourself those which resonate most with you and immediately you have deep insight into both yourself and others.

It’s a kind of code if you like.

A short-hand language for personality types – The Language of Archetypes

Find the key to this language and it offers deep insights into both yourself and others:

For instance, if I meet a strong Artemis archetype I know instantly that freedom and independence is important to her, that she sets and focuses on her own goals, is passionate in support of causes, unimpressed by the Establishment and very much her own woman.

Or I meet a man who is channelling a strong Zeus.  He will be impressive, an authority figure, seeking and wanting to wield power within whichever field he finds himself.  He is the type of man who is always right, in command, charismatic and doesn’t expect to be questioned but…..whilst his IQ might be high his EQ, or emotional intelligence, is fairly basic.

Putting an Artemis and a Zeus together is asking for fireworks.  She will be unimpressed by his position and status (important to him!) and his attempts to dominate and control her will lead to resentment and fights.  He will label her difficult and opinionated.  This is not a match made in heaven – or even Olympus!

The choices you make, the patterns in your behaviour, the things you like –  all of these provide clues to the unique individual archetypal energy patterns each of us carry.

You will discover fundamental truths about yourself that will serve you well – the archetypes you incarnate with are unchanging, but YOU get to decide if their negative aspects run you, or if you can wield their positive aspects to your advantage.

Called ‘the blueprints of your soul’ – understanding the Language of Archetypes can:

  • help us to better understand ourselves and others
  • help us make better decisions and choices
  • help us become empowered
  • help us awaken to our true potential
  • give us a powerful tool to navigate a better path through Life
  • enable us to increase awareness around innate responses and behaviour

And…as a bonus,  it’s fun!

When I understood how ancient myths embody these archetypal energies for both men and women it was a real ‘aha’ moment for me

Once I understood my archetypal makeup, and which aspects I am running in any given moment, the impact this has on both me and others, and how to use both their strengths and weaknesses I found a tool that enabled me to consistently work towards my higher potential.

Bully, mother, coward, Prince, rebel, clown – the list is endless.  You know exactly what is meant by each of these.

But when we say Woman?  Or Man?


It gets a little less clear doesn’t it?  Is it sexy woman, nurturing woman, strong woman, fragile woman, mysterious woman?  You get my drift…..

Enter the Goddesses (or the Gods for men!)

Feminine – and masculine – archetypal energy patterns have quite a range of sub-categories.  So how do you make sense of these?

Well, the Ancients did it for us, in their myths and legends. By using our understanding of these, we can penetrate the fundamental truths embodies in these myths, understand ourselves better.

‘Your Inner Goddesses – A Guide to Archetypal Feminine Energies’ is a fun – and fascinating – manual to help you do just that. And there are audio tracks for every goddess as well, to help you deepen your understanding of how she works.

Do you share:

  • Hera’s need for relationship?
  • Artemis’ independent streak?
  • Demeter’s need to nurture?
  • Athena’s strategic vision?
  • Persephone’s inner?
  • Aphrodite’s sensuality?
  • Hestia’s love of home and hearth
All the different aspects of these Goddesses gave me a language, and understanding I didn’t possess beforehand as to why I respond to certain things in the way I do, why certain things are so fundamentally  important to me I’ll sacrifice friendships rather than compromise them, whilst others really don’t even feature on my radar.

It also gave me tools and strategies to bolster up where I knew I was weak, what qualities I needed to call on in certain situations and which qualities were really unhelpful in others – as well as helping to make sense of some of the inconsistencies that knew I possessed!

I have a much better grasp of who I am and how I work in the world…. as well as having great insights about my girlfriends, work colleagues and even family.

Why is this important?

Because it smooths out bumps in relationships, helps me deal with awkward customers and mitigate their impact, helps me understand those who deal with things very differently to the way I do and find strategies that engage us both.

And finally….(this is the big one!) it take me one step closer to self-realisation.

It is one of those fundamental truths that if any of us EVER wants to ever make progress on the road to self-realisation, we must, above all, know ourselves, warts and all!!

Understanding and working with your archetypes does that!

Every great culture prized this level of self-knowledge and understanding.  Without it there is no self-growth, no progress on a spiritual path, no self-development.  You fail to see clearly what hinders you.

Over the entrance to the temple of the Oracle at Delphi were the words ‘Know Thyself’.

And understanding the Language of Archetypes is one of the more helpful tools I have found as I studied and worked hard to find out who I am, what is really important to me (not the big car, or fancy shoes!) and what is my purpose for being here, now, at this moment in time – a sort of short cut if you will.  And now I’m sharing all that I’ve learnt with you.  Years of reading and study, all brought together in one place.  Information I’ve only ever shared with my inner circle before now.

Find out for yourself which Goddesses epitomise who YOU are.

  • What are their – and your – strengths and weaknesses?
  • How can you call on Athena’s strengths in the world of work, and Aphrodite’s sensuous nature in your private life?
  • What are Persephone’s wounds? And how do you deal with them before they destroy you?
  • Perhaps gentle Hestia is who your soul yearns to be? How do you manage that in a hurly, burly world?
  • And as for nurturing, caring Demeter, is she being used an abused….or honoured?
  • And then there is the Dark Goddess, lurking at the heart of every woman. Do you embrace her, or shun her, fearful of her power?

All of these Goddesses’ stories have something to teach us and by learning about each of them you will discover which one’s you (or the woman in your life!) embodies.

There is a simple questionnaire that tells you exactly how much of each of these different and disparate energies go towards making you who you are!

  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • What work is best suited to you?
  • How do you respond in relationship?
  • How can you learn from this?
  • What strategies do you need to offset limitations?
  • Why do certain things upset you whilst others leave you unaffected?
  • And why does your behaviour sometimes seem to contradict yourself?

And it’s not hard work.  It’s the best kind of learning –  fun and informative!

This is a life tool that will serve you well!

A 119-page book, augmented by audio discussions on each of the individual Goddess archetypes makes this course easily to access and understand, as these ancient archetypes come alive for you.

Your Inner Goddesses includes:

  • 119-page book
  • 7 audio tracks
  • Questionnaire

Learn the language of the feminine today…..

Who are you? Who are your girlfriends?  Who is your wife? Work colleague?  Sister?  What is the best way of approaching them?  Why do they behave the way they do?  How can you impact that positively?

Once you have these tools under your belt, you’ll have the answers and a whole new way of seeing the world.  Let me share them with you today.

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