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Quit Smoking

You know you’re not going to live as long as someone who doesn’t, right?

That it is highly likely you will die a horrible death?

That you smell (yes you do, ask any non-smoker!),

you look older than your years and

you’re harming your loved ones?

Want to kick the habit?

But are hopelessly addicted to smoking, and just KNOW that your willpower won’t be enough?

How about a quick, straightforward solution, that is 100% effective!

Sound good?

  • No gum
  • No patches
  • No pills
  • No therapy sessions
  • No relapses

You don’t need me to tell you all the bad things about smoking, you’d have to be comatose to have not picked up on them!


  • You crave that first puff every morning…
  • Can’t imagine how you would cope without cigarettes…
  • Can’t face the cravings……
  • Are afraid you will suffer from anxiety and stress…
And yet you hate….

  •             The fact you’re addicted
  •             The way your home and clothes smell
  •             The way people either pity you or glare at you in public
  •             The amount of money you waste each day
  •             The coughing and spluttering every morning

I’ve seen the damage smoking does to people’s health, the needless problems and pain and suffering they face as they get older as a result of their ‘habit’.

I have also seen the struggles clients have had with beating the addiction.

It all makes complete sense.

You see, that first puff of a cigarette starts to change your body’s biochemistry, so not only are you having to fight deeply ingrained habits, and  an addictive substance, but also your body’s biochemistry.

And then there are the stories we tell ourselves about WHY we smoke……

It all adds up to a complex mix that willpower alone won’t unravel.  Nor gum. Nor patches…..

All my experience shows me that you need a multi-pronged approach

  • You need to change body biochemistry back to a healthy balance
  • You need to change perception and habits around smoking
  • You need to deal with abstinence symptoms
  • You need to get your subconscious mind running the right message
Conscious and subconscious, in tune, both hating smoking, body not craving even a single hit.  THAT’S what you want.  People who manage this don’t look back.

And now this could be you!

Quickly, easily, painlessly

I know how to re-balance body biochemistry – after all its what I’ve been helping people do for years!

And I have a colleague, Les Zerfahs, who has many years of experience helping people re-programme their beliefs and change damaging habits and patterns of behaviour.

Individually, we have some excellent information and knowledge to share with you and help you to your goal.
But, by combining our skills we can ENSURE you hit your target.

Powerful isn’t it!

So….You want to stop smoking ….permanently?

We can guarantee that you achieve this goal

The programme is very simple:

  • A short, powerful video presentation
  • A hypnotic audio track
  • A downloadable guide to changing body biochemistry
  • A quick start Action Sheet laying out the regime

Simple, quick and most important of all – a proven, effective programme.

No need to:

  • Draw up an action plan
  • Set a ‘quit day’  (it’s today!)
  • Motivate yourself every day
  • Grit your teeth through the cravings
  • Avoid social occasion or other temptations
  • Suffer eating binges
  • Fight for some will power
I know (and you know) that willpower alone will be sufficient – we have over 40,000 plus thoughts running through our brain every day – most of them coming from the subconscious mind, which we stand no chance of controlling without help.

And how many people do you know who have successfully given up smoking using patches, e-cigarettes or gum?   NO, we don’t know any either!

But we do know people who haven’t touched another cigarette after doing this programme.

Why wait.  That  life you keep promising yourself could start…

Free from cigarettes, Free from the stigma of an addiction.  Healthier.  Happier….and smelling much sweeter!

Think of all you have to gain:

  • More money
  • Respect from your peers
  • Confidence and self-respect
  • Better health
  • Smoke-free environment for your loved ones
This course is created by Saira and Les Zerfahs

Les Zerfahs


Life and Performance Coach
Master NLP and Hypnotherapist

‘Our minds are powerful tools that help shape our reality.’

Les has worked for many years helping clients with a wide variety of issues. He refers to himself as a Life and Performance coach as he feels this best sums up what he does and is passionate about helping people to live a better life and be healthy. He has a deep understanding of the mind, body and emotional systems that control behaviours and can therefore help clients to achieve a more rewarding life. With his motivation and presentation skills he runs workshops and coaching sessions that are always educational as well as fun.

Saira Salmon


Naturopathic nutritionist
Holistic Health expert

Saira has worked with hundreds of clients helping to get their bodies back into balance, and regain their health.  Deeply committed to health and vitality, many years of research and study have enabled her to piece together the complex puzzle that makes for true holistic health and support clients through re-balancing their body/mind.