Online Courses to help bring understanding, balance, harmony and wellbeing at all levels:



Awakening Your Grail Wisdom – a foundational understanding of modern metaphysical principles.

The Universal Laws –  Governing Principles of the Universe

The Elements and Elemental Forces – Building Blocks of Creation

The Wheel of Life – Geometry of Time and Space

Tree of Life – Elegant and archetypal map of consciousness

The Chakras – portals of transformation and the foundation to understanding our energetic anatomy


Self Development 

Your Inner Goddesses – classical feminine archetypes.  Which are primary in you?

Transforming Medusa’s Wounds –  deep emotional wounding can leave us stuck, small and unable to move forwards in our lives.  Understnd and learn how to release this.


Wisdom Telesummits

Lost Wisdom of the Grail – The Grail as a metaphor for wholeness of mind, body and spirit.  20 expert speakers.

Lost Wisdom of the Ancestors – Deep wisdom shared on many topics by 16 expert speakers

Lost Wisdom of the Earth – 21 experts epkears cover a wide variety of earth wisdom.


Health and Wellbeing

Holistic Health – comprehensive guide to your body, how it works and how to keep it well.

Holistic Menopause – Some women suffer, some don’t.  Find out how to become one of the latter!

Mind Your Weight For Life – all you need to know to reset your diet and your mindset

Juicing for Health – Benefits, equipment, fabulous recipes and much more all covered in this comprehensive course.

Living With Wheat and Gluten Intolerance – an increasing problem for many.  Find out why and what you need to do to heal the effects and still eat great food!

Yeast Free Forever! – who needs yeast infections.  Get rid of them…forever.

Quit Smoking – excellent approach to quit smoking and get rid of cravings quickly.