Your Inner Gods

A companion to ‘Your Inner Goddesses’ this is your archetypal guide to the masculine!

Archetypes are teachers, gateways to wisdom, helping us to deepen our understanding of who both we and others are, how we operate and the patterns that drive us.

They are neither good nor bad, having both positive and negative qualities, and they are fixed in a unique combination in all of us!

Understanding them gives you are roadmap and toolkit towards self-empowerment.  As you learn to recognise and use the qualities of each of the masculine archetypes, calling on their strengths in times of need, acknowledging and mitigating their weaknesses not only will you gain more control of your life, but also develop your ability to create a more authentic life.


the archetypal authority figure, power and status are important to him.  But does he wield it well?


Deeply emotional and instinctive, the world can be an uncomfortable place for Poseidon – unless he finds his place!


A man of hidden depths, introspective and often a loner, but he is also the Great Manifstor – if his talents can be harnessed.


Inventive, creative, good with his hands, intense and valuing beauty – but he often feels an outsider, with dep emotional wounds.  Can he grow to claim his rightful place?


A trickster, playful, a born communicator, he fights shy of commitment, values his freedom and ha a quick agile mind.  How can he harness his positive qualities to give him success?


He has the focus and clarity that Hermes lacks, masters what he sets his mind to – but tends to live in the mind.  Detached from his emotions and those around him, how can he find balance?


Impulsive, passionate this is someone who reacts instinctively – often with disastrous results. How can he use his deep physicality and emotionality to the benefit of himself and others?


Sensual, a dreamer, in touch with nature and the feminine, he has many laudable qualities but struggles with the modern blueprint of masculinity – how can he thrive and still be true to himself?

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